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Liberty Christian Academy’s goal is to provide services, encouragement, and accountability necessary for parents to homeschool their children in the liberty that Christ has given us. We believe parents have been given the responsibility and authority for the care and education of their children,

and the interest of the state does not supersede this authority.

The purpose of Liberty Christian Academy is to provide resources to assist and enable families who wish to train their children to live by Biblical principles, practice responsible life skills and stewardship, and pursue excellence in academics in a home environment. We have confidence that God will develop character in our children as we follow His principles in training them to look outside of themselves for purpose in life. Let us look to God to give us and our children a heart for excellence.



In 1999, Liberty Christian Academy was founded by a group of parents who wanted the freedom to educate their children at home in the way that they felt called to do so. Though the name has not changed, over the years we have increasingly taken to focusing on the word Liberty. Still built on a firm foundation of faith, we also welcome those who worship the Lord God in different ways than we traditionally do.

As the name implies, Liberty Academy is founded on the idea that parents are the final authority of their children’s education & upbringing, and therefore, we will counsel, advise, and encourage, but never require or dictate the curriculum or manner in which you guide your children’s education (barring the minimum state laws). You alone choose what and how your children learn best.

While our school year officially runs from September through June, we have no deadlines that must be met. You may join Liberty at any time that you wish, and your school year may vary from ours. Again, you alone choose when it’s the right time to make the choice to homeschool.

Our offerings vary from year to year, but may include co-ops, park days, field trips, classes, mom’s nights, etc., depending on how the parents wish to participate. Our year ends with a promotion night, to honor the hard work our kids (and parents) have accomplished that year, and, if there are seniors, a high school graduation, complete with cap and gown, and diploma.

If you want the freedom to homeschool your children in the time and manner of your choosing, with guidance, but not mandates, come see what Liberty is all about.


Train up a child

in the way he should go,
And when he is old

he will not depart from it.


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